Body Work

Everyone is distinct, unique and original, AND each day, each week and every month presents our bodies with different challenges. Be Grace MT meets you where you are and treats you like an individual. Every massage is different, from person to person and week to week. At no time is it the same sequence, where you know what's coming next. You are not the same when you come in from time to time, so why should your massage feel that way. Come and experience a massage where the therapist is paying attention to what your body needs and is very intuitive in reading your body's cues. 


Yoga Classes

The dynamics of a group yoga class is a truly unique experience, especially the classes at our local Apache Junction Multi-Generational Center. The clean and welcoming environment takes you in and makes you feel at home. I offer classes there on Friday and Saturday mornings at 8:15am.


Virtual Classes

With the ever changing climate of our world, Be Grace MT gives you options to take care of yourself from the comfort of your own home. Whether it's a group zoom yoga class or a short YouTube video, your body will thank you for taking the time.